The Little Things That Count. At West Valley Middle School, it all adds up.

From the academics and electives, our students and staff, to our sports and after-school fun, we are a school of great might. Not every school has what we have. Not everyschool provides the opportunity/enviroment to thrive.
They aren't Wildcats, but we are!

Our Action Day Partners

Action Day Primary Plus enrolls more than 3,200 children in its infant, preschool, elementary and middle school locations. It maintains the same goal today as its founders did in 1968: to improve the quality of care for children during their period of greatest physical and intellectual development and to develop a community of parents, children, and educators.

Action Day Primary Plus started in 1968 as a single preschool. That preschool grew into today’s award-winning, renowned private education program boasting ten campuses and seventeen programs. The elementary and middle school consistently score in the 90th percentile on national standardized academic tests.

Our system offers the following services:

John and Carole Freitas are the Directors of Action Day Primary Plus. Mr. Freitas is a member of the Board of Fellows at Santa Clara University, and a former Fremont High School District Teacher of the Year nominee. Mrs. Freitas taught high school and college for several years and holds a Masters Degree in Child Development and Family Relationships.

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