The Little Things That Count. At West Valley Middle School, it all adds up.

From the academics and electives, our students and staff, to our sports and after-school fun, we are a school of great might. Not every school has what we have. Not everyschool provides the opportunity/enviroment to thrive.
They aren't Wildcats, but we are!

Our Corporate Team

Executive Team

Carole Freitas: Chief Executive Officer, Founder/Partner

Carole Freitas

Carole and her husband John opened the first Action Day Primary Plus School in 1968. After achieving her MA in Child Development from San Jose State University, she taught high school and community college classes in Child Development. Over the years, she has remained active in the progress and development of Action Day as both a teacher and mentor. Today, she coordinates the directives of the Corporate Team by reinforcing her goal of providing the highest quality care for children during their developing years.

John Freitas: Founder/Partner

John graduated from a BA in Business from San Jose State University before returning some years later to earn his BS in Science, MA in Physiology, and Teaching Credential. While teaching high school, John was selected as a California Teacher of the Year. He has brought his high standards for education to Action Day/Primary Plus, Inc. and reinforces them to this day

Carol Kirley: Chief Financial Officer, Partner

Carol Kirley

Carol first began working for Action Day Primary Plus in 1982, where she worked as a preschool teacher at one of the schools. Her role continued to expand throughout her time with the company, of which she is now an Executive Director and Partner. Her background is in Computer Science and Child Development. She received a BS in Child Development from Cal Poly State University.

Cathy Jelic: Chief Operating Officer, Partner

Cathy Jelic

Cathy first began working for Action Day Primary Plus while in college the summer of 1993 as a part-time extended-day teacher. After earning her BS in Business Administration (with a concentration in Human Resource Management) from San Jose State University, she came to work full-time as the Recruiting/HR Manager for the company. Today, she oversees the HR and Marketing divisions and is the founder and advisor of the company's award-winning dance team. In her position, she strives to enrich the family-like atmosphere that the schools have created for her own daughters: both of whom have grown and thrived in the programs offered through Action Day.

Corporate Team

Kathie D'Avolio: Mentor Director

Kathie D'Avolio

Kathie has worked for the company since June 1988, following the completion of her degree in Developmental Psychology & Child Development from California State University Chico. Today, Kathie acts as a Mentor Director for the company. In this capacity, she offers support and guidance to the Schools' Directors and various Office Staff. In addition, Kathie oversees and develops important outreach partnerships with other companies.

Beckie Crozier: Director of Staff Development & Recruitment

Beckie Crozier

Beckie began working as an Office Assistant for Action Day Primary Plus in 2006 while completing her BA in Communication Studies from San Jose State University. She is now a Mentor Director. Beckie oversees Recruitment for the company by filling positions with highly-qualified staff to ensure the children receive the best education/care in their developing years. In addition, she oversees the company's outreach events by building relationships within the community.

Lauren McDermott: HR/Marketing Specialist

Lauren McDermott

After moving through the company's Infant, Preschool, Elementary, and Dance Programs herself, she came to work for Action Day as a part-time Dance Instructor in 2005. After graduating from San Jose State University with her BA in English in May 2012, she came to work full-time for the company as its Benefits & Writing Specialist. In this capacity, she assists with the company's marketing, maintains their website, and works within HR.

Sue Bergschneider: Payroll, Accounts Payable

Sue Bergschneider

Sue began working for the company in 1975 while attending San Jose City College for Early Child Education. Both her daughter and son have successfully grown-up through and graduated from the programs she has been a part of. Today, she works in the Corporate Office where she handles the billing, accounts payable, and employee payroll for the company.

Michelle Freitas: Director of Michelle's Luncheon

Michelle has quite literally grown-up at Action Day Primary Plus. She has taken an active part in the company's dance and cheer program, having starred in many of the annual recitals, and also began the company's hot lunch program. Since first opening Michelle's Luncheon, Michelle has also opened Michelle's Cafe, which sells coffee and favorite breakfast foods, and began a made-to-order lunch menu for the more particular middle school students.