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Extended Day - "Spooktacular Week"

October 2015

Hello West Valley Middle School,

October is finally here! Time to enjoy the leaves falling, pumpkin treats, hot coco, and more!

Here's what has been buzzing around West Valley Middle School:

Welcome to the exciting world of Extended Day! This week's theme was "Let's have a POPPING good time". Our after-school activities were surrounded the theme of yummy popcorn. We had a popcorn relay race, popcorn trail mix making project, and a fun balloon "popping" challenge, just to name a few (not to mention lots of popcorn eating!).

Extended care team loves seeing the energy explode to limitless levels as soon as study hall ends. The team is excited and passionate about bringing fun and engaging activities to the after-school children. In addition, we rejoice in seeing the children really let loose, enjoy themselves, and enjoy the company of one another. We are excited to work on this week's theme "Ghost, Goblins & Ghouls". It is going to be a "Spooktacular" week.

Please contact Ms. Melinda Gadduang at for more information about WVMS extended care program.

Update from our fabulous Stitch Lab taught by Mrs. Susi Cornish. There have been some super cute projects lately. Some of our students have been really working on some technical projects. Take a look at some of their creative work.


Hope you received a great inside look into the world of WVMS.

Have a wonderful day!