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4th annual COLOR-RUN-A-THON

October 2017

The excitement was in the air on Friday, October 6th for our 4th annual COLOR-RUN- A-THON. This fun event was hosted by our West Valley Community Club (WVCC). WVCC is a group of parents and staff members that volunteer their time. The purpose of the WVCC is to actively support the needs of the children and teachers of our school. For more information on how you can take part in our WVCC, you can email our WVCC president, Sally Dai, at

In our 4th annual COLOR-RUN-A-THON students have a total of 30 minutes to complete as many laps they can. The continued anticipation fills the air as the kids choose from a variety of colored powders then douses each other while they run their laps. Teachers are on the sidelines cheering them on, cooling them off with the water hoses, and dousing them with color powdered packets as well. At the same time, we have teachers joining in on the fun by participating in the run and throwing of color packets. It’s a great way for everyone to join in on the FUN.

Ms. Brandee, our after-school teacher commented on her first very first Color-Run- A-Thon experience, “I was excited to have my very first experience of the color run here at WVMS. I always saw my friends on social media participate in them coming out with the messy hair and clothes full of different colors. I’ve always wanted to experience it. When learned that it was going to be here, my first thought was I finally going to get the opportunity to see how it works. The energy was very much alive. The kids had their color packets and were waiting in a crowded line to go out and get it started. I ran a few laps with the kids, and some of them were getting me good with by their color packets. It was all fun and games, and I enjoyed myself with the kids, and I know they enjoyed themselves too. I look forward to be able to run more next year!”

4th annual COLOR-RUN-A-THON, October 2017