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From the academics and electives, our students and staff, to our sports and after-school fun, we are a school of great might. Not every school has what we have. Not everyschool provides the opportunity/enviroment to thrive.
They aren't Wildcats, but we are!

Wildcats Are Off To A GREAT START!!!

September 2017

Now that we have celebrated Labor Day, the 2017-2018 school year is in full swing. It looks like everyone is settled into their new routine. The new school year is filled with so many new opportunities, new friends, new teachers, and many new learning experiences. So far we have started our new school year on a great start; we had our very first prep rally on Friday, Sept 1st led by our teachers. The students enjoyed getting to know their teachers on a more personal level with a few getting to know each other games and activities. At the end of the rally the students got to see their teacher’s school spirit by participating in a school wide dance, where the kids and teachers all came together for a dance routine. We had a blast!!! We ended the day with a yummy ice cream social in the quad to cool us down from the heat.

As we jump into the new school year, we also jump into a new student council panel. Elections were held, speeches were given, lots of campaigning/poster filled the campus, and now the votes are now in. The buzz around the campus was full of energetic excitement. In the end, the following students won the positions:

President:  Veer Juneja
Vice-President:  Andrea Fasoli
Secretary: Malena Jelic
Treasurer: Isabelle O’Hara
Public Relations Officer: Jocelyn Swift
Dance Chair: Ella Pinn
Spirit Chair: Kaitlyn Ly
Sports Chair: Daniel Leyva
8th Grade Class President: Gabby Baldwin
8th Grade Class Representatives: Roxanne Oles
7th Grade Class Representatives: Davia Rode and Peter Arnao
7th Grade Historian: Henry LeDeit
6th Grade Class Representatives: Isabel Webster and Kevin Stovich
6th Grade Historian: Natalie Phua
5th Grade Class Representatives: Jillian Juni and Rebecca Kennedy

A picture of our students running for student council.

***A picture of our students running for student council.***

Congratulations to our newly elected student council. We look forward to a great 2017-2018 school year!