The Little Things That Count. At West Valley Middle School, it all adds up.

From the academics and electives, our students and staff, to our sports and after-school fun, we are a school of great might. Not every school has what we have. Not everyschool provides the opportunity/enviroment to thrive.
They aren't Wildcats, but we are!


At West Valley Middle School, we carefully select teachers who make learning fun, maintain high expectations, and make connections with their students.  Our low teacher-to-student ratio makes it possible for in-depth educational experiences.  With less than 25 students in each class, teachers are well aware of individual student strengths and weaknesses.  Classes consist of hands-on learning opportunities, high-interest curriculum, and fieldtrips.  Our academic program caters to the whole child partnering daily electives, physical education, and Spanish instruction with our rigorous academic standards.  With small class sizes, exciting educational adventures, and interested teachers, it is no wonder that our students consistently perform above grade level!

2017 - 2018 School Packet Information

PE Program

We believe that a child’s physical growth and health habits need to be educated along with their minds.  At West Valley Middle School, we incorporate daily and weekly physical education classes as part of our curriculum.

Clothing Requirements


WVMS has embraced its new technology mission since the fall of 2012. Thanks to successful fundraising events by the school's parent-lead organization and the support of the company, all WVMS classrooms are now technology-based. Indeed, all of our teachers are equipped with iPads that are used to demonstrate various lessons through projectors connected to large flat-screen TVs in each of their classrooms. In addition, all of our 7th and 8th grade students are part of a 1:1 iPad program in which an iPad is released to them for the duration of the academic year. The iPads are used as educational and organizational tools as the students gain the necessary knoweldge to succeed in an icreasionaly technical world. WVMS students are also provided with a fully-equipped onsite computer lab. Our mission is to ensure that our students move on to high school confident in their ability to research through the vast realm of technology, and our recent efforts help to ensure that WVMS remains on the cutting edge of educational modernity.


Lego Robotics Students will discover mechanical design, construction, programming, and teamwork skills. Students will use LEGO building elements, motors & sensors, build different robots & program them with a computer to move, react & make sounds to solve challenges.

Private High School Prep (8th Grade Only) Your child will be required to take admission tests during the application process for private high schools. They will be competing against top students to gain entrance to these schools. Our Private High School Prep class walks students through the application process (including time and assistance writing those essays) and eases the pressures of the admission tests by providing personalized instruction to review concepts, to teach advanced content, and to become familiar with the format.

Wildcat Gazette This newspaper class will give students various ways to express themselves - from reporting school events, creating comic strips, interviewing fellow Wildcats and staff - the list is endless! They will learn how to edit text, design and layout both text and photos, and work on their interview skills.

Woodworking Students will learn traditional and contemporary woodworking skills taught in a hands-on, project-based format. They will learn the proper way to use power and hand tools to create small projects.

Musical Theater Students will work on a fantasical, magical, musical production that will be performed in early November. During class, the students will learn to act, sing and dance. Also, this musical provides wonderful creative opportunities in terms of set design, lighting and costuming.

Literature & the movies Why do some books make for great movies? Why do some fail on the screen? Students will compare and contrast some selected pieces of literature and their film counterparts.

Creative Crafting Let's explore art from around the world! We'll begin our travels with Japan: making paper lanterns, wood block printing, and origami creations. We will also be venturing to France and creating keepsake charms modeled after puff pastries. Pack your bags and bring your imagination along for an adventure in building three dimensional souvenirs from far off lands!